Every hunter wants to feel like a success, but wins are forgotten as soon as the freezer is empty.

Mission Taxidermy preserves your experience in a realistic mount so you can share your story for a lifetime.

Honor The Hunt

We get it, your harvest isn’t just some trophy for the wall. 
It’s a story that represents hard work, commitment and dedication.
 More importantly, it’s a reminder of the people you were with, and the places and experiences you encountered on the hunt.

2-3 year lead times?

Frustrated by:

Shortcuts and unrealistic mounts?

Poor (or no) communication?

Mission has:

12 month average turn around.

Consistent  status updates.

Amazing true-to-life detail.

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"Colin has done some amazing work for me, mounting my aoudad, mountain goat, and mule deer... I recommend his services to anyone who is looking for taxidermy work. He is fair, honest, and keeps you updated on the process."

Treat your mount like it's a once-in-a-lifetime.
Because it is!

Nose Pads

Lifetime Guarantee

Precise muscle Definition

"Colin is a great taxidermist he did my once in a lifetime Bighorn Sheep full mount! Came out awesome. Colin is also a great guy, him and his wife are the kind of people you want to know... hunters, down to earth good humans! I highly recommend Mission Taxidermy!"

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Honor the hunt